Cosplay: The Series (S2, Episode 12 review)

Episode 12 is another plot skipper that seemed to wipe everything off episode 11's plate.

The episode begins with Annisa, Mel and Bel driving to Anya's place for a friendly sick visit. The In-car conversation also informs us about Vincent's disappearance ever since episode 10 which I suspect might pave a twist to the later story. One question though, how old are high schoolers in Indonesia ? Are they legal to drive at that age o.O?

The 3 girls then reached Anya's home and had a short talk with Anya's mom while waiting for Anya to wake up. As you could tell, this episode focus on Anya's past and I won't lie, I cried at this part.

Anya's mom went on to talk about Anya's pitiful childhood which was plagued with a weak constitution and lots of school bullying. I don't want to go into details and spoil the story for you but the whole talk about “is reading manga really such a sin, mommy?” really struck a chord in me. Too often, Anime, manga and cosplay lovers have to fight with the mainstream society just to be accepted and respected for liking what they like. And I bet I’m not the only cosplayer who would feel attached to Anya’s story.

The story ends with Annisa getting a sudden call that informs of the disappearance of Panda! The new green haired girl who had refused to bow down to the rule of the new headmaster is missing ever since being called to the Teacher’s Lounge.

Overall, this would have to be my favourite episode ever. I’ve mentioned before that character development and a series that shows the raw conflicts and emotion of Cosplay is what I’m looking forward to. I’m glad with Anya’s story, they showed it.

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