Street Fighter Cosplay Ibuki by Merlot

This is another Street Fighter cosplay of Ibuki, and this time the cosplayer name is merlot, im not sure that was her real name, i already post Street Fighter cosplay ibuki by Giovanni, that was nice cosplay photo but Ibuki has different hairstyle, and in this Street fighter cosplay merlot has did well with her cosplay costume, i love her Ibuki cosplay costume, that look like has been made very nice with natural rips at the ends of the shirt, and especially i love her hairstyle, that look very close to the real Ibuki hair, so i think this is one of the nicer Street Fighter cosplay wich i ever seen ^^.

Street Fighter Cosplay by Merlot Gallery

Well, though i said it was nice Street Fighter cosplay photo i ever seen, but still not fits enough with as Ibuki who existing in my head ^^". i mean i always think that ibuki is japanese girl and has oriental face, but that not big metter, in fact i really love this Street fighter cosplay by Merlot, i love her cosplay costume, i love her hair and i love her pose too xD, Merlot really did well with her ibuki Street Fighter cosplay. u can go to her page with this link adress, Nice Cosplay.

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