Koyuki Cosplay as Syameimaru Aya

Nice Koyuki Cosplay as Syameimaru Aya from Touhou Fuujinroku, actually i dont really know about this anime so i can talk much about this anime ^^ (game), i just want to post this Koyuki Cosplay photo becouse Koyuki really look cute here, with frilly skirt and small red hat in her head made Koyuki look more sweet, and i think the costume she wearing look like maid costume ^^", but with japanese taste.

  Touhou Fuujinroku Cosplay by Koyuki Gallery 

Mountain of Faith (romanized : Touhou Fuujinroku, meaning Eastern Wind God Chronicles) is the tenth official game of the Touhou series. Mountain of Faith features two playable characters, each with three weapon types (but no personalized Spell Card bombs), Each characters' options also fire bullets, and either shift position or freeze in place in focus fire mode (i rewrite this from http://touhou.wikia.com) well...though i don't know about this game but i really love to see this Koyuki Cosplay Photo ^^, i took this Koyuki Cosplay Photo as Syameimaru Aya from cosrain.com. Nice Cosplay!

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