How to Cosplay: Make an Arm warmer

CF2010D1-083This article focus on making the base of an Arm Warmer that is seen on many of the characters from the enormously popular Music Program; Vocaloid.

Tools & Materials Needed:

  • Fabric
  • Bias Tape
  • Elastic Band
  • Fabric chalk
  • Scissor
  • Sewing Machine
  • Thread & Needle





    1) Measure

    Length = Length of your arm warmer ( roughly Elbow to Wrist)

    Arm Width = Circumference of your upper arm



    2) Draft

    Fold your fabric in half and make sure the inner fabric is facing out. Following your own measurements, draft your pattern onto the fabric.


    3) Cut

    Make sure you leave 1/2” allowance at the edge then cut the pattern out. image

    4) Interlock the edge

    Interlock the fabric if you have the machine because interlocking fabric helps your garment stay in place longer and of course, combat frays.

    5) Sew the curve edge

    Here we will tackle the raw edge on the curve. Fold the edge of the curve 1/2 inch inwards and sew it down.


    6) Sew the Bias

    Vocaloid Arm Warmers have a strip of colour on both ends. This is the step to sew the bias on to both ends.


    7) Sew the edge

    Flip to the inner side and fold you arm warmer in half again. Sew along the black dashed line. After you are done, flip it inside out and your arm warmer will start to take shape.


    8) Sew the Elastic Band

    Now we will sew a tube along the edge at the top of the arm warmer and insert an elastic band into it.


    Fold 1” inch of fabric from the top down, Fold along the entire circumference. 


      As I’ve explained in the video, what we’re doing now is something like folding a tube around the circumference of the arm warmer. The tube will allow us to insert the elastic band into it and thus making our arm warmer into something similar to an elastic skirt.


      Sew along the black dashed line but remember to leave a bit of gap so you can insert your elastic band through the gap. Lastly, attach your elastic band to a safety pin and thread it through the gap. Finish by sewing or tying both ends of the elastic band together.

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