Death Note Cosplay by Kipi

Nice Death Note Cosplay, This Kipi Cosplay is one of the great and the most suitable Death Note Cosplay i ever know, well i mean, Kipi is one of few cosplayer who fit with misa amane character i ever imagine, she has cute face and look cheerful too, and that was very suitable as Misa character personality in the Death note, most of the death note cosplay photo look too old and not too cute as misa amane, kipi always did nice cosplay but she'll look more suitable as the character who has cheerful personality.

Death Note Cosplay by Kipi Gallery 

Well i love to see this Death Note Cosplay, with the dark shade made this photo look more alive and can represent the Misa Amane personality, and her ghotic style, Misa amane is one of the main character in the Death Note series, and one of the death note user, she love to do everything she like, and it's used by Light Yagami to control her, i like misa misa character ^^", well the point is i love this Death Note cosplay by Kipi, and that was cute misa amane too xD. i took this cosplay photo from, please visit there to see another cosplay. but dont forget to comeback here :D.

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