WWCPJ: The parcel have arrived in Singapore!

After more than a month of shipping, the parcel from Canada have finally reached Singapore’s participant; Inuran/ Ototsuki!!!

I’m sure you guys are familiar with her. Not only is she a famous Cosplayer, she is also my close friend and we did a tutorial video on making Vocaloid Earphones =D

Inuran/Ototsuki from  http://ototsuki.deviantart.com/

And I’m sure you’ll be wondering what took me so long to announce her name. That’s because well, I was hoping to do it after Bumbley (Canada) uploads the selection video . But I guess Bumbley’s is too busy to do it ^^ ;; …..

Anyway, I’m a little sad to break this but Inuran will be the last participant. Because as previously decided, June 2011 was the end of of this project >.<. I’m also afraid the disposable camera will malfunction after being exposed for a year.

But because I’m what you called a good-for-nothing and lacking in will power… I’m open for you guys to change my mind. Meaning to say, leave me a comment and tell me you want Inuran to send it to 1 last participant!

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