Cosfest 2011 Photo Pimps

As so the long awaited Cosfest 2011 closed their curtains last weekend. I had some personal matters to attend to and could only attend the very last 3 hours of it.


Anyway, I tried my best to capture as much photographic chronicles as I can to share with you guys but the event was too crowded and yours truly was too fatigued to do a better job. So yeah, prepare for lousy photos =x




Angel Sanctuary!

IMG_3852IMG_3850IMG_3853Reiko as Nemu from Teiden shoujo to hanemushi no orchestra


Reiko and myself! Yes, my hair looks weird here. Stylist screwed my fringe up….


Maria and Peggy who took part in the World Cosplay Summit Competition


Camwhore with the pretteh Peggy =)IMG_3846IMG_3843IMG_3842IMG_3840



Indoor was so annoyingly crowded most of my pictures turned out like this. Looking at the side or back of a csoplayer =_= #frustrationmuchIMG_3821

Another example of how things happened too much for me to capture.




Malaysia’s first WCS representative! Very awesome costume and especially love her contact lens *_* Pity I couldn’t get any decent pictures of her at all. Every pic of her i tried to take had her minder or some random people’s entity inside ^_^;;;;;;


Lightning from Final Fantasy Xiii. The awesome winged armour version (Final fantasy Xiii-2?)


Our very own ACM Singapore representative! Aya, Maomao & RaistlinIMG_3813



Team Malaysia & Team Korea


ACM Team Malaysia!

Their magnificent armour attracted, as usual, a huge wall of photographer …..

IMG_3786Their armour/mecha were so awesome >.<


This is Zoey ! She was Malaysia’s representative from AFA’s Regional Cosplay Competition

IMG_3784Wai my hair so funneh T__T




Also met Jamie from Malaysia!!! What a pretty Sheryl nome!! Met her at Hongkong last year for the Hong Kong Halloween Treats Event



HOMFGGGGG real life Kinomoto Sakura!!! Now THIS is what she would look like in RL, 9 years old and all.


Final Fantasy 7, Aerith and ZackIMG_3762

I know I’m gonna sound like such a b*tch for ranting about this and no I’m not trying to imply that, just because I know some of the cosplayers on a personal basis I can ‘own’ their photo exclusivity.

I’m talking about annoying photographers who RUN to join in the photo snapping after YOURS TRULY did the task of requesting cosplayers to pose for me. I’m not even angry about sharing the camera attention with other photographers. I’m just upset because they crowd BEHIND/ AROUND me and whenever I attempt to take a step backwards to capture the cosplayers in their entirety, I can’t!!!!!

FRUSTRATING! Please tell me this is not unique to Singapore!

And so this marks the end of my Cosfest entry! Hope you enjoyed it! leave me a comment to tell me how much you HATE photographer walls.

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