Soul Eater Cosplay Great Black Star

This is another Soul Eater Cosplay Great Black Star, Black Star is one of the protagonist characters in Soul Eater, he has the skill of a ninja (Actually he is a real ninja lol) he is a user, who uses Tsubaki as weapon, (Tsubaki is weapon girl who cans transform her body to weapons like the katana), black star has a dark past, Black Star Clan ninja comes from a notorious, and often spread destruction. because of his background, he always wanted to draw attention of others to gain recognition of them, almost every day of Black Star always challenging others to fight against it =.= " he is really atroublesome person.

Well...I alrady post Black Star photo before, but I think I missed some photos of this cosplay, i found this Soul Eater Cosplay Great Black Star from Akusesu DeviantArt, check there if wanna see another cool cosplay photo ^^. I love this Black Star cosplay, the dark shade of this cosplay photo, made this Black Star cosplay photo look more alive, and really can reprenstative Black Star personality, beside that the cosplayer has a very similar and fit body posture as Black Star too! great work!    

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