Pokemon Black & White Leaf Cosplay

Another cosplay photo from Pokemon Black and White game, this is main character if you choose girl gender on Pokémon Black and White game, the character name can you made as you wish, (originally her name is Leaf) like another pokemon game francise at the begining of the game, you will be asked choose your first pokemon, between three diferent element, water wind and fire, (i always choose fire Pokémon :D) The game's story features the villainous Team Plasma, a team who want to liberate Pokémon from the hardship of battles and see owning Pokémon as a form of slavery.

At this Pokemon Black & White Cosplay Heroin, Koyuki has manage to create very cute heroin character Leaf, i never imagine the character i play on the pokemon like her ^^", i think koyuki look very cute with that cosplay costume, and the white-pink hat and curly hair, and i love the beach background too, that really beautiful, i got this Pokemon Black & White Cosplay Heroin from Cosrain.com.

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