Pokemon Black and White Cosplay Shikimi

Yo...i hate spamer =.=", they really don't want to try their own (that not good word to open my post lol xD)
umm, i got Shikimi cosplay photo now, Shikimi is one of the character on the Pokemon Black and White game, i don't really know about this cosplay character, but i guess shikimi is one of the Unova elite four character ( pokemon trainer) who must be defeated by player on the Pokemont Black and White game, her specialist on the Ghost Type pokemon. With the exception of Golurk, all of shikimi's Pokémon are female ^^.

well...after comparing to the character picture on the internet, as always koyuki look fit with any cosplay costume, actually Koyuki bit too mature as shikimi in the pictures ^^, but Koyuki has manage to create very cute shikimi ^^", i love her Shikimi cosplay costume on this Pokemon Black and White Cosplay Shikimi that was made well and high detailed, the the costume and the glass has look like the original one ^^, i got this Pokemon Black and White Cosplay Shikimi from Cosrain.com, so don't forget to visit there if wanna see another cool cosplay photo.

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