Juggler Cosplay Sofura-pu Cosplay by Koyuki

Ummm...i don't know exactly what cosplay is this, i got this Juggler Cosplay Sofura-pu Cosplay by Koyuki from Cosrain.Com, and as always the photograph by Kojima, all credit goes to them, i don't know from what anime this cosplay from, cos i really no idea xD, but everything look cool here and of course with filled with shades of the middle east make Koyuki seem different, i never imagine i'll see Koyuki using bellydance (dance from middle east) costume like this ^^", she look great! although she's not middle east people.

And that shisha which is typical of the middle east, making this Juggler Cosplay Sofura-pu Cosplay by Koyuki very strong element of middle east, well...cos i don't get what cosplay is this and i don't really know what i must write here xD, and that cosplay costume i guess that seem like ordinary simple bellydance costume, so everyone has and idea about what cosplay is this, please leave me comment ^^, thanks again to Koyuki, Kojima for great cosplay photo, and for cosrain.com, and koyuki-fansite too. nice dancer ^^.

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