Saori Vageena Cosplay by Tasha

:D now i got another "Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai" Cosplay Photo (a title it still seems too long for me ^^") well..,whatever, now I have a Great Saori Vageena Cosplay by Tasha, Saori is the leader of The "Anime Girls Unite!" group on the Internet, whom Kirino meets in a meet-ups. Saori Vageena also commonly called by Saori Makishima or Saori Bajeena, She Wears very thick glasses (shown as swirls) and Speaks with an exaggerated tone, Saori actually aristocrats from wealthy family and she is a fan of gundam and also Gundam model collector, (same with me xD) and According to Kyosuke in the light novels, she is dressed as a typical otaku from television but has the body of a supermodel.

well, I love ths Saori Vageena Cosplay by Tasha look like, and the background of this cosplay photo looks luxurious with large curtains ^^. I guess that would a dequately represent Saori Vageena which indeed is a ristocratic from wealthya family, but Saori Vageena appearance looks verys trange with a maid outfit and big very thick glasses =.=", totally inappropriate combination ^^. but despite Saori has weird looking but she still pretty >.<, yea ... the cosplayer who was behind this great Saori Vageena Cosplay is Tasha, Tasha was pretty though with strange makeup she still looks pretty :D, I think Tasha is compatible with this Saori Vageena Cosplay, she also has the fit body posture as Saori Vageena. Oww, i got this great cosplay photography from, Great Job >.<.

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