Panty & Stocking : Kneesocks Cosplay by Tomia

This is it, Scanty's sister which I've posted before, now I've Panty & Stocking : Kneesocks Cosplay by Tomia ... almost the same as her sister Scanty, Kneesocks also is Obsessed with rules (or as Some Call Them "ryurus") , claiming That earnest rules solve the chaos of freedom, as the rivals of the panty and stockings, Kneesocks also has the ability to change her two black Kneesocks in to weapon, thats transform into pair of scythes, Called Double Gold Spandex (its always abaout Panties xD) Kneesocks has one horn on her head and usually she is wearing angular glasses and when she transform she would like her sister Which consists of a short beige skirt, a beige suit, a dark red tie, a pair of white kneesocks and blackpumps. (I think she's more like sucubus ^^").

Like i said Tasha and Tomia is a Korean duo compact cosplayer who always looks cosplaying together, if yesterday I've posted Panty & Stocking : Scanty Cosplay by Tasha, now I have a Panty & Stocking : Kneesocks Cosplay by Tomia, ( see..they are a duo cosplayer :D), like Tasha, in this Panty & Stocking : Kneesocks Cosplay by Tomia, Tomia also looks very total on cosplaying as Kneesocks, and That was stunning cosplay costume with great make-up its seem very cool, I love to see her wig that looks really cool even seen more real than the wigs worn by Tasha, and also there are horns on the Tomia head, That amazing look real, it looks like a real horn! (maybe that was real horn xD) well ... i got this amazing Tasha & Tomia Cosplay from, do not forget to visit origianl site ^ ^. Amazing!

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