One-Piece Perfect Look Boa Hancock Cosplay

This is the many times I post Boa Hancock Cosplay photo and this time the cosplayer behind this sweet Boa Hancock Cosplay Photo is Harumi, Boa Hancock is one of the Shichibukai and is the only woman who became Shichibukai, Boa Hancock hence the dubbed as a pirate queen and also many who say she is the prettiest girl in the world, Hancock is a very tall, Slender woman with long black hair, large breasts, a high forehead, and light brown (dark blue in the anime) Eyes That have long, voluminous lashes, she's really craving of all men (including me xD) but, it looks like Luffy was not interested in the beauty of her ^^", I think Luffy is too plain, (or maybe he's not normal guy xD hehehe), Boa Hancock has the power devil fruit Mero Mero no Mi, which turn people into stone. Anyone with "dirty thoughts" will of be turned into stone, and her Devil fruit power had no effect on Luffy =.=".

Boa Hancock is really strong she is even capable of breaking installments without breaking a sweat Pacifistas (while Sanji Nearly broke his leg attempting the Same task) and Boa Hancock being Able to kick Smoker in his smoke-state with her Haki, well ... Harumi are consistent with this Beautiful Boa Hancock Cosplay Photo, because Harumi indeed beautiful, and Harumi are always total when cosplaying Anime characters, like before she was also playing as Jewelry Bonney and Emporio Ivankov, that was amazing cosplay photos, and I love this Beautiful Boa Hancock Cosplay photo by Harumi, that look very perfect, with stunning Boa Hancock cosplay Costume, that was great cosplay costume with very high detail, and also nice photo background, I think choosing the sea as the background is fitting and very representative Boa Hancock who was a pirate, i got this Beautiful Boa Hancock Cosplay Photo by Harumi from, please visit the original site ^ ^. its great to Boa Hancock Cosplay Photo, Good work!

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