One Piece Cosplay Nice Jewelry Bonney

Its Nice Nice Jewelry Bonney Coasplay photo by Singapore Girl, Jewelry Bonney is one of the rocky pirates dubbed with "supernova" and she is one of the pirates who has a valued the highest, Jewelry Bonney is a girl who I think quite beautiful, (but she was use disturbing  lipstick ^^") and she was also a bit tacky style, she was a very slim (although she really likes to eat) she has long pink hair with purple eyes, her outfit consists of a revealing white top That exposes part of her stomach and a fair amount of cleavage of her large breasts, along with a pair of orange and black striped, buckled shorts with long, thin suspenders.

I already post Jewelry Bonney Cosplay photo before, that was amazing and perfect Jewelry Bonney Cosplay Photo by Harumi, and this time i got another Nice Jewelry Bonney Cosplay photo, unfortunately I don't know the name of the cosplayer behind this Nice Cosplay Photo Jewelry Bonney, but the cosplayer must be a Singapore girl, she is sweet and quite similar to Jewelry Bonney, though piercing is just like a tattoo but it's pretty tough ^^. I wonder ... why her pose always holds his hat =.="? what her hat too small and she was afraid her hat will fell ^^". well, ... i got this Nice Jewelry Bonney Cosplay photo from, nice Cosplay photo!

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