One Piece Cosplay Cute Nami Cosplay

Its just another Cute Nami Cosplay Photo, Nami, its perfect and cute girl, and she is one of my favorite character on One Piece anime series, she's a bit naughty and very crazy about the money (I don't think she is right girl for a wife ^^"), I think that right if call her as cat girl, because she really has cat personality :D, she likes to steal, but she smart. Nami is a young, sexy, Somewhat tall girl with a slim build, and Originally with short orange hair, (but by now she has curls orange long hair) it makes her more beautiful, nami is a navigator in the straw hat pirates, she has a dark past before she met with Luffy, Nami Wears a variety of clothes in the series but her outfit is her Longest lasting white and blue striped shirt, an orange mini-skirt with orange high-heeled boots, and I like to see nami wearing dance outfit when the time was in arabasta ^^:.

Ummm ... this i dont know how many times I post Nami cosplay, but still always fun for me when posting nami cosplay ^^. this Cute Nami cosplay Photo i got from, but unfortunately there not including the cosplayer name behind this Cute Nami Cosplay Photo, I think the cosplayer quite similar to Nami, she looks sweet, cute and also have Cheerful face, well suited to the nature of the Nami personality, and That was nice wig too, it does not look like a wig (what it's real hair o.o?) well ... i love this Cute Nami Cosplay Photo by Cute girl :D, if I must choose which is cutier between Robin and Nami, I think I would choose Nami that now, with long curly hair >.<, Nice Cosplay Photos!

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