One Piece Cosplay Amazing Sadi-Chan

Well ... i got Impel down guard cosplay here, yea..,that is Amazing Sadi-chan cosplay photo, Sadi-Chan is a prison guard of the strictest prison in the world (i mean in one piece world :D) she Wears a scarf like cape That is white on the outside and pale pink on the inside, and also always wore a devil themed clothing, I guess that because of influence of the prison environment that is always full of crime ^^", Sadi-Chan wavy and long orange hair, and also there are two horn attached to her pat on the head -I don't know it's real or not =.="- She always Seems to have extreme pride in the virtually perfect defenses of Impel Down, and refuses the assistance of the Marines! and she is Also sadistic person who enjoys Bringing pain and Torture to others, Including Marine allies xD, and can't seem to Get Enough of Their screams, getting sexually excited hearing Them, (it suits with her name ^^) sadomasochism..

I dont like this character in the One piece anime series, I think she's bit scary ^^", but i really love this Amazing Sadi-Chan Cosplay Photo by Anry, yea...the cosplayer behind this Amazing  Sadi-Chan Cosplay Photo is Anry (actually I'm not sure that's her name) because in (the site where i got this cosplay photo) the name of her written in japanese letters, so I use google translate to translate that word ^^", whatever, its was Amazing Sadi-Chan Cosplay Photo ever! they are both really very total on this cosplay and also very much like an original character, that was stunning Sadi-Chan cosplay costume with a great detailed, and i love everything from this cosplay photos, I also like the environment and the background photo which a little creepy :D but thats look cool, we event can feel the atmosphere there. it really represented they personality which little creepy too xD. kekekeke, ummm ... regardless of their character that scare me, its really Amazing Chan-Sadi Cosplay Photo i ever seen >.

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