Moetan Ink Nijihara Cosplay by Kipi

This is Cute Ink Nijihara Cosplay photo by Kipi, i still dont get with this Moetan anime, from what I've read, I think Moetan Anime is intended to provide English language lessons through anime media, games and so on, the Series of English language study aid published by Sansai Books in Japan. Targeted at otaku, it attempted to teach English words using examples drawn from computer games and anime, and frankly I've never seen this Moetan anime ^^", but certainly in each Moetan chapter consists of a short story, written in pure Japanese, Concerning the Adventures of "Nao-kun" (a lazy high school student) and Ink Nijihara usualy call with "Ink-chan" (a mysterious magical girl who arrives to help Nao-Kun with his studying), Ink-chan live next door Nao-Kun, and the story followed by a set of word examples. xD i still confussing with this anime.

Anyway, I liked this Cute Ink Nijihara Cosplay Photo by Kipi (I always love to see Kipi Cosplay ^^) kipi looks very cute with this Ink Nijihara Cosplay Costume, and also she looks very hot with a pose like that (that's really risky pose >.<), well ... as a guy I Like That lol, I think she has always seen fit when playing as a cute character, because she does have a cute face, and also That Ink Nijihara Cosplay Costume was created as closely possible with original Ink Nijihara clothes, i got information that many of the English examples in the book are bizarre, unnatural, or downright incorrect. As such, the book has become a popular import for native English otaku or others who are amused by Engrish phenomena =.=", i got this Cute Ink Nijihara Cosplay Photo by Kipi from, so..check the original site pls ^^. whatever, I love this Cute Ink Nijihara Cosplay Photo by Kipi, that really Cute Cosplay!! :D

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