Final Fantasy Serah Farron Cosplay

Serah Farron is one of the supporting characters in Final Fantasy XIII, and is the younger sister of Lightning and Snow's fiancée, Serah spends just as much time worrying about her elder sister'swell-being as Lightning does Serah's (I think it upside down ^^).sarah was eighteen years old and have the appearance of Same pink Tint of hair That Lightning has, She ties her hair into a pony tail on the left side of her head, much like how Lightning's hair is draped over her left shoulder, sarah has a very mature personality and always act wisely, She loves Snow and is willing to do anything to protect him, even if it meant Trying to break up with him after she Becomes a l'Cie.

I love this Final Fantasy Cosplay Serah Farron, the cosplay photos look neat and nice to see, and the cosplayer name of this Final Fantasy Cosplay Serah Farron is Kotori, I've posted her cosplay photo  before, and I think she has a face that fits with Serah Farron which I imagine, and i love her wig too, that really nice wig That look like real hair and very similar to the Serah Farron Hair, and I don't know who the cosplayer with That lightning costume (she's facing the rear ^^"), i got this Final Fantasy Cosplay Serah Farron from, i love that site, you can see another cool cosplay photo there :D, great Cosplay! 

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