Evangelion - Awesome Asuka Cosplay Photography

This is another Asuka Cosplay Photography, I've posted Asuka and Rei Ayanami cosplay before, and now I found another Awesome Asuka Cosplay Photography, well ... Asuka is one of the main character in Evangelion she is a 14-year old Fictional character from the NeonGenesis Evangelion franchise, and she is the pilot of Evangelion Unit 02, Asuka is a cute girl which born and grew up in Germany, when Asuka is four years old, she participates in a contact experiment with Unit 02, Asuka has red hair and very proud to be a pilot Evangelion, and her high opinion of her appearance. She is shown to have a strong need to be self-sufficient and intrusive of other people's space, especially Shinji's. I thinkEvangelion anime version is much better looking than the manga ^^".

Yesterday, when I was looking for Evangelion wallpaper accidentally I found this Evangelion - Asuka Cosplay Awesome Photography, yea, there is no other word than Awesome, the cosplayer name behind this cosplay photo is KaguyaxHime, I found this picture of her deviantART ID (i mean this photo by Beethy Dev ID), i love everything here, everythink look cool on this Evangelion - Asuka Cosplay Awesome Photography, the KaguyaxHime look fit well with Asuka and has very similar face with Asuka, and besides that I also like the background of this cosplay photos, with soft lightning and also darker shades really makes this photocosplay look alive and to convey Asuka feeling :D, and That Rei Ayanami cosplay by Mijiko, They both look great n cute ^^. Great Job!

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