Vocaloid Rin Kagamine Cosplay by Chamaro

Rin & Len Kagamine is the second product from Vocaloid 2 Character Vocal Series, Crypton Future Media intended to project a Vocaloid with the low-teen girl's voice at first Following Miku Hatsune, their family name was from the developing codecombining Kagami and Ne, the package included two voice banks : one for Rin and another for Len, both provided by the seiyū Asami Shimoda, at the time of recording in 2007, their names had not yet been decided.their given names of Len and Rin were the resource persons said to be based on "left" and "right"According to Asami Shimoda, According to Asami Shimoda, Len's voice was achieved by singing Within her chest, while Rin'sat the top of her head.


well, Vocaloid Character is the most I like is Hatsune Miku (Hatsune Miku FTW >:D) but after seeing this cute Rin Kagamine Cosplay by Chamaro, I think Rin Kagamine also looks very cute ^^, chamaro really has made ​​Rin Kagamine Cosplay be very cute, I never post Rin Kagamine Cosplay photo before and I do not know about this charater, this Kagamine Rin Cosplay by Chamaro does look very good and that was very nice Rin Kagamine Cosplay Costume, I love it.

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