Ragnarok Online Cosplay Amazing Assassin Cosplay

Cosplayer name behind this Amazing Assassin Cosplay photo is Felipe, well ... actualy I do not know who the name of the original owner of this Amazing Assassin Cosplay, but it was written by Felipe on the photo, so I guess that is the cosplayer name of this cosplay photo ^^". I'm really love with this Assassin Cosplay photo, all look cool and also she looks very most like an assassin, this Assassin Cosplay costume has also been made with very well, it looks very detailed at all.


I've forgotten where I get this Assassin cosplay photo, because there already on my colletion for long time, I really like this Assassin Cosplay costume, I think this is coolest Assassin Cosplay I've ever seen, though many assassin cosplay is cool, but I think this is the most similar with which assassin I imagine, fabrics that shrink the stomach looks like a bandage fabric, it looks good, and also the weapon she was carrying, it is very detailed and look very real. I love this Amazing Assassin Cosplay.


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