Perfect Resident Evil Ada Wong Cosplay

This Ada Wong Cosplay looks very similar like an real Ada Wong in the Resident Evil games, actually I've always love the girl with the red dress ^^, not only that, the cosplayer has face that fits as Ada Wong, she is beautiful and has nice body too >.<. she also does'n need to wear a wig with her hair now it already looks like an existing Ada Wong image in my minds, and Ada Wong Cosplay Costume, it makes this Ada Wong Cosplay look more beautiful and elegant, that was well made Cosplay Costume.

One thing that I think lack from this Ada Wong Cosplay Photo, thats is lighting effect, perhaps with a little lighting arrangement will add more strong Wong Adaa impression. This zombie game has always been my favorite (although for the PC version, has a suck control >.<), and the last one I played when I had to rescue a princess president, and Ada Wong was a female agent who has her own mission, she has the fast speed movement and high agility, this is nice Ada Wong Cosplay Photo, but unfortunately I do not know who the cosplayer behind this Adaa Wong Cosplay!

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