Final Fantasy Cosplay Beautiful Shibata Yuna

Been longtime I had this Beautiful Shibata Yuna Cosplay photo at my Cosplay photo collection, and I almost forget about it, and yesterday when I look back my cosplay photo collection, I found this Beautiful Shibata Yuna Cosplay photo, and i decide to post this, as I said this Yuna Cosplay photo looks very pretty and also soft! between Yuna cosplay photo I've ever found, I think this is most beautiful Shibata Yuna Cosplay photo and also very similar to the existing Yuna Shibata in my minds, this is Amazing Shibata Yuna Cosplay photo, I love cosplayer in this photo (I fell in love at first sight xD) she really has a face that is very similar to yuna.

Event without any photo effect, this Beautiful Shibata Yuna Cosplay photo looks very perfect, for some reason when i saw this yuna cosplay photo feels very soft and warm (overreacted lol), but thats true, I love this cosplay photos I think this is not professionals cosplay photo but it already looks perfect for me, unfortunately I've forgotten where I got this picture, so sorry I can not including the name of this Yuna cosplayer, Perfect Shibata Yuna Cosplay >.<. I love it!

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