Dr.Slump Cosplay Beautiful Arale Cosplay

What do you think of when hearing the Arale name, the first one I think is an innocent little girl and like to play with "Dirt" xD, totally full of nostalgic anime, I watch this Dr.Slump anime while still elementary School and at that time Arale still a small child with my age, and now in this Beautiful arale Cosplay she become Beautiful Arale, I saw Arale has grown into a very pretty girl :D and cute too, (but she still love to play with "dirt" =.=") I love everything from this Beautiful Arale Cosplay photo, I think if Arale will look like this if made ​​in the adult version. I think Dr.Slump will nosebleed when he making Arale.


the cosplayer name behind this Beautiful Arale Cosplay is Zero Inc, I think that not her real name, that was written in the site I took this Cosplay photo (cosplay.lightchan.com) I'm wondering about the original name Zero Inc., and I hope I'll find her another cosplay photo, well ... its make me want to watch Dr.Slump anime again and see Arale ran on streets :D and destroy everything, Of course I want to see Arale in adult version xD. I love this Cosplay Photos!

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