DOA Cosplay Cute Kasumi by Kipi

DOA (Dead Or Alive) Series I think thats quite good, although many people who said DOA not successful in the market, my favorite character on Dead or Alive is Kasumi, and more importantly cosplayer behind this Kasumi cosplay photo is one of my favorite cosplayer Kipi, i guess she was in some cosplay event, but i dont know where is that, on this Kasumi cosplay photo Kipi looks very hot with Kasumi Cosplay Costume, though actually I think, Kipi is not very suitable as Kasumi (^^" kipi face has too cute as Kunoichi) maybe Koyuki or Alodia would look more fitting with Kasumi Cosplay Costume, because they look more mature (no offence just my opinion :D)

Yet still I love with this Kasumi Cosplay photo, like I said Kipi has always seen fit to any costume, she has managed to create very cute Kasumi, but I'm also not too like on the material used in this kostume, it is too shiny for Kunoichi costume ^^" (not the important point =.="), but I love the kipi smile at the end, I think I'm not going to see Kasumi smiled like that on DOA. i got this Cosplay photo from, I love this Kasumi Cosplay!

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