Bleach Cosplay Soi-fon

I guess many people who loved Cosplaying Soi-fon, I found a lot Soi-fon Cosplay on the internet or when I attend a Cosplay Event, and how many times I look at Soi-fon Cosplay they always look cool in my eyes ^^", well as my said before, I was a fan of the Kunoichi (Ninja Girls), they are very cool!.and this time cosplayer behind this Soi-fon Cosplay is Tachibana Minami, she has made very cool and amazing Soi-fon Cosplay, and also Soi-fon Cosplay costume she wore was made with very nice and also very similar to what I see on the Bleach Anime Series, I'm also love with her Captain robe that looks very cool.

Tachibana Minami looks very hot with this Soi-fon Cosplay Costume, she took very nice angel photo shot xD. well ... I think she really fits with the image-Soi Fon is in my imagination so far, she has the same body posture with Soi-Fon, I guess everyone agrees with my opinion.and if bleach will come to live movie, i think not bad idea if Tachibana Minami as Soi-Fon, I got this cosplay photo from, its amazing Soi-Fon cosplay! I love it!

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