Beautiful Fumino Serizawa Cosplay by Koyuki

This is Beautiful Fumino Serizawa Cosplay by Koyuki from Mayoi Neko Overrun Anime, I really like Fumino Serizawa character, and the most I like from Fumino Serizawa is when she's angry, she tends to shout "Die twice!" (or occasionally, "Die ten thousandtimes!") ^^" I think she looks cute at the time, and the more makes me like this character is Fumino Serizawa is easily embarrassed, and can get worked up if someone even suggests that she cares for them. To hide this, she normally comes up with unrealistic lies to hide her concern for anyone (or her feelings for Takumi). She also has a strong, decisive character which normally tends to show up in tense situations.

This Beautiful Fumino Serizawa Cosplay by Koyuki, Koyuki is one of my favorite cosplayer, she always looks cute and hot with any cosplay Costume, and I think Koyuki is one cosplayer who always wore a risky Cosplay costume. Koyuki mostly cosplay photo wearing a sexy costume, and now she's wearing a bikini that makes her very cute and hot too (actually I do not see Fumino Serizawa wearing bikinis like this on the anime ^^), i love this Fumino Serizawa Cosplay, although Koyuki looks a little more mature than Fumino Serizawa, but Koyuki managed to make very cute and Beautiful Fumino Serizawa Cosplay, (its perfect Funimo Serizawa Version >.<) i love it.

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