Amazing Highschool of the Dead Cosplay

Now I have Saeko Busujima Cosplay Photos by my favorite cosplayer Mizuho Nomura (actually I just saw Mizuho Nomura Cosplay this time ^^", and has decided she'll became one of my favorite cosplayer :D), Saeko Busujima is a third-year at Fujimi senior high school, she was full skilled in close combat fight, Saeko Busujima has a calm personality and she also filled with an aura of pride on her sword skill, she is the president of the kendo club at Fujimi High School, she was very hight skilled at using the bokken (wood sword) and she very reliable when in a state kerisis, Saeko Busujima is one of my favorite character in Highschool of the Dead, other than she look cool she also looks very sexy and cute ^^".

well ... this is Amazing Saeko Busujima Cosplay Photo by Mizuho ​​Nomura, I got this Amazing Saeko Busujima Cosplay Photos and some other cosplay pictures from, i just saw cosplay from Mizuho Nomura this time (I love at the first sigh >.<), she was very pretty and also sexy, and she also looks very fit with the character she played, and this Saeko Busujima Cosplay Photo by Mizuho Nomura looks very fit at all with Saeko Busujima is in the anime, Mizuho ​​Nomura has very similar face and posture with the Saeko Busujima image in my imagination, I love it! perfect! >.<

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