Samurai Warriors Cosplay : Beautiful Ranmaru Mori Cosplay

Samurai Warriors Cosplay : Beautiful Ranmaru Mori Cosplay
Now I have a picture of Mori Ranmaru cosplay, Ranmaru Mori is one of my favorite characters in Samurai Warrior, I liked this character because she has a very long katana, I guess longer than the Zou Tai's  katana ^^. and I also like her range attack, though till now I do not know exactly Ranmori Maru was a girl or guy =.=" ooh my, according to Koe information, what i fear has come true T.T, Ranmaru Mori is a guy who has an incredibly effeminate appearance xD Hell No! it's up to what they say, for me Ranmaru Mori still a girl >:P.

Well ... I found this Ranmaru Mori Cosplay picture from and of course she is a girl cosplayer ^^, I like this Ranmaru Mori cosplay picture , because she is a woman and she also look beautiful, I think she would be very suitable as a samurai girl and Ranmaru Mori what i wanted, she reminds me of Haruka Ayase (japanese artist) when she becomes a Samurai girl on Ichi movie, besides that, costume from the Ranmaru Mori Cosplay picture has been made with very nice and detailed, one thing that I dont like from this Ranmaru Mori cosplay pictures, her katana very look like to cardboard, and also obvious there is a connection in her katana =.=", yup ... I'm so in love with this Ranmaru Mori cosplay.picture (finally someone are proving Mori Ranmaru is a girl muwahahahah 3:D)

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