One Piece Cosplay - Beautiful Nico Robin Cosplay by Kurosaki Choko

 This is the umpteenth time I post the Nico Robin Cosplay Photo, and I also still have a lot of Nico Robin Cosplay photo in my cosplay photo collection, and now I have a Beautiful Nico Robin Cosplay by Kurosaki Choko, this Beautiful Nico Robin Cosplay Photo looks very sweet and also beautiful (because cosplayer looks similar to my Ex xD), i love the hat she wears, that cowboy hat has been made with very well and detailed and the decoration that is in the hat was made as closely as possible to the original, and most importantly, the cosplayer of this Beautiful Nico Robin Cosplay look very pretty while wearing them (miss her T.T) Kurosaki Choko has manage to create beautiful Beautiful Nico Robin Cosplay.

Nico Robin is one of the female crew of Straw Hat pirates, Nico Robin is the most intelligent crew among others and also she always seemed calm, she has a devil fruit ability to regenerate limbs wherever she wanted, originally Nico Robin is a subordinate of the crocodile and member of the baroque works, but after crocodile was defeated by luffy, Robin decided to join Luffy crew, Nico Robin now has a new appearance, she has more hair long and curly (I Like That ^^). I take this Beautiful Nico Robin Cosplay from, this is Beautiful Nico Robin Cosplay!

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