Naruto Cosplay : Beautiful Tusnade Cosplay

Naruto Cosplay : Beautiful Tusnade Cosplay 
This Tsunade cosplay is one of my favorite Tsunade cosplay photo, she looks very pretty fitting with Tsunade image that represents ayouthful female, there really something not fit on this Tsunade cosplay photo, that is her breast xD. I think her breasts look not too big as Tsunade on anime ^^" (no offence, just my opinion xD) but the cosplayer has made very beatiful Tsunade Cosplay it was fit with Tsunade what I imagine, there are some very good Tsunade cosplay photo i found on internet, and this Tsunade cosplay photo one of the greatest Tsunade Cosplay Photo i've found.

Tsunade is one of the legendary Sanin in the village of Konoha, and when the third hokage died Tsunade summoned to return to konoha village to replace the previous Hokage, Jiraiya was the one who originally asked to replace in the third hokage place, but cos Jiraiya prefer to create novel (perv novel =.="), he asked Tsunade to become a five Hokage. this is beautiful Tsunade cosplay Photo ^^, but...i'm sorry for not include the name of the cosplayer or the original owner of this picture! i already had this Tsunade Cosplay photo for long time ago.

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