Fairy Tail Cosplay : Juvia Loxar Stunning Cosplay

Fairy Tail Cosplay : Juvia Loxar Stunning Cosplay 
Juvia Loxar is a rain girl and was always raining around her, Juvia Loxar is one of the four ruling elements in a Fairy Tail rival guild Phantom Guild, Juvia body made of water and can not be hurt by physical attacks, and word she hated the most is "Glommy", but when Phanthom attack Fairy Tail Juvia dealing with Gray (ice wizard from Fairy Tail) and Juvia Loxar fell in love at first sight to Gray, and was defeated easily by Gray, I love this scene ^^', Juvia really cute when she fell in love and her face flushed!

After defeat by Gray, Juvia Loxar  love Gray even more and because her mood changed sky above Juvia Loxar became sunny and not raining anymore! and Juvia always follow wherever Gray go quietly, and finally Juvia Loxar join the Fairy Tail and consider Lucy Heartfilia as her love rival!

this stunning Loxar Juvia cosplay pictures, I found from Deviant Art by Hiyono at http://xhiyono.deviantart.com/art/Lluvia-Loxar-Cosplay-9-172657575?q=gallery:gray-x-juvia-fc/26854233&qo=12 you can check there if you want to see another her picture, this awesome cosplay, and the first picture looks really cool, she really look like she controlin the water.

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