Fairy Tail Cosplay : Great Laxus Cosplay

Fairy Tail Cosplay : Great Laxus Cosplay
from the initial appearance in Fairy Tail I do not like this character >.<, Laxus is the grandson of Fairy Tail Guild Master, he is obsessed to replace her grandfather became Guild Master, he looks strong but never hang out with his friends one guild and always demeaning to others, he uses lightning magic and when he fought with Natsu he turned into a Dragon Hunter like Natsu, she is a  lightning.dragon.

I like this laxus cosplay, he looks very fit as laxus, I also like his expression, he really makes laxus alive unfortunately I only found one picture only, and the cosplayer name is Dexter from their cosband called "P!", u can see another their cosplay photo here
well...great cosplay ^^!

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