Air Gear Cosplay : Ringgo Noyamano Cosplay

Air Gear Cosplay : Ringgo Noyamano Cosplay
I have this Ringgo Noyamano Cosplay pictures has been a long time, but I'm waiting to find another her picture, I only have two pictures ^^. but because until now I did not find the other her pictures, so i decide to   to post only two Ringgo Noyamano cosplay pictures, I can not remember the name of the cosplayer or the original owner of these Ringgo Noyamano Cosplay pictures, sorry :(  but I'm very like with this Ringgo Noyamano Cosplay pictures, she managed to make beautiful  Ringgo Noyamano Cosplay and will also be fitted with  Ringgo Noyamano when her at college ^^. I think cosplayer looks too mature for high school girl sizes.

Ringgo Noyamano was the daughter number two of the four sisters, the older sister named Rika, she is leader of Sleeping Forest, and all four sister are all members of the Sleeping Forest, which is a legendary air track team, and until now I still do not understand why Ikki could stay with them xD I'm watching this anime series only until the Ikki tested to become leader of Genessis, so basically I have not followed the Air Gear Anime for long time ^^". cos it is very hard to get a original Air Gear DVD  in my area, well ... this is beautiful Ringo Noyamano Cosplay

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