Would you wear your costume out?

Haven't done discussion entries like this in a while but this is pretty interesting. So recently, I was craving for some cool bubble tea and decided to pop into the nearest store to get my craving fixed. What greeted me as soon as I stepped in was this….







Spotted wallie xD?

Which reminded me of this picture a friend sent me ages ago.


 Gakupoid much ?

And she couldn't stop expressing her disbelief while filling me with details of how everyone was gawking at the girl.

So opens the question, would you wear your costumes (wigs, clothes, boots etcs) out for NON cosplay purpose? Has anyone tried it before? How did it felt? What made you feel like wearing it out?

Personally, I haven't done it much. Except for maybe, wearing a casual portion of the costume before or after the photo shoot/event. But I usually do that for convenience sake. It would be really cool if your costume had certain parts in them that would look blend in as a fashion accessory.

But personally, I haven't come across any costume that would escape looking awkward in the crowds of normal humans except for maybe NaNa. So, unless you can really work the outfit, I don't recommend wearing your costumes out for normal usage. Not so much of a '” it’s spoiling the character!” reason but because... it is usually a fashion disaster =/

But that's just me. How do you feel? Hmm... okay, on second thoughts... I think I might have been guilty of this act too.


My most notable achievement was going out in my almost full Kinomoto Sakura movie 2 costume to catch a bus to some event. Can't remember what event that was.

23aug08_-_Haruhi_X_Oofuri 071 Shana Xmas (30)

Went home in this 2 uniforms before because I was too lazy to change out.

Skip beat (56)

And going home after AFA 2009 with my hot pink jumper because I couldn't bear to change out >w<. It's like parting with a friend. And yes, I went for dinner in that disgusting hot pink.

Which begs the 2nd question, do you ever feel like you want to continue wearing your costumes even after the event ends? I always feel like this whenever I'm late turning up for events xD I think its because I don’t want the dream and fun to end and I haven’t had enough fun!

panel management

What do you guys think? Do you think wearing a part of your costume out for non-cosplay reason is commendable? Or do you disagree with that?  Leave a comment and tell me please D: !

Disclaimer: I am in no way trying to put the above 2 ladies down. Neither am I implying it is wrong to wear your costume out, because what you wear is your own style. I’m not about to teach people what to wear BUT, personally, I wouldn’t want to wear my costumes out. Because they usually stick out TOO MUCH and I like keeping a low profile. And also because I have many nice clothes to wear so yeah =P


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