WCS Summary Video + Cosplay Tips video!

Hi guys! Pimping some videos from youtube ^_^

A 200 3 – 2010 compilation video done by the WS Organizing team. Its a nice way to have a quick recap of all the past contestants and whatnot. Even though I am slightly put off by the obvious race preference in the video footages.


And I found another cosplayer on youtube! Aurellion from Youtube gives some insight into what it takes to be a cosplayer and how to start things cracking for your very first Photoshoot. Watch below!

Aurellion covers how to do basic cosplay makeup for female characters

And she gives you an insight and breakdown into what goes on behind a cosplay Photoshoot and what you should look out for. Absolutely adores how much details she managed to cover in this video.

That’s all, Tata!

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