Sweet Boa Hancock Cosplay from One Piece

I previously had posted photos of cosplay boa Hancock. but after seeing this photo, I decided to post them again. This Boa Hancock cosplay looks so perfect, she looks pretty, well ... they both look Super pretty ^ ^ ". actually I'm a little pity, why cosplayer Lufy a girl too.

Sweet Boa Hancock  Cosplay from One Piece, They are Tomia and Tasha, two beautiful Korean cosplayer. I actually little doubt that the Luffy was a girl or not, coz I do not see the lump on his chest ^ ^ (no offense). although Luffy looks too pretty for a pirate, but overall! they are both similar and suitable as BoaHancock and Luffy. Boa Hancock cosplayer looks very beautiful, suitable as Boa Hancock who is the prettiest girl in One Peace. Great cosplay!.

it's just my comment for this amazing cosplay, because I am a fan of Boa Hancock :3. I hope no one offended by my comment (it's just what I think), and most importantly, no one objected because this photo I'm posting on this blog lol.

I also expect comments from others Boa Hancock fans ^ ^. I can photograph it fromhttp://letitplay.org

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