Ragnarok Online : Amazing Hunter Cosplay Photos

Ragnarok Online : Amazing Hunter Cosplay Photos
Wewww!! Ragnarok online, the most nostalgic online game for me, I remember I really crazy about this game as a junior high through high school, I always go to the game center after school just to play Ragnarok. actually my favorite character is the assassin, but this cosplay photo of  Hunter  is really cool, and very cute ^^.

I'm little doubt, these cosplay pictures from Hunter or Archer class, but see feather on her coat, i think this is cosplay from hunter 2nd class from the archer. I found this picture when looking for a new online game, and eventually only see pictures of Ragnarok cosplay lol. I found this picture from http://my.mmosite.com but this is not the original picture from there, so sorry I can not include the name of the original owner of these amazing cosplay photo, the photographer really makes this photo look like a real Hunter. This cosplay photo so alive.
perfect!! >.<

Please note, most of these Cosplay photographs found on the internet, I post them without intending to claim as mine, cosplay photo is wholly owned by the cosplayer, I'm just a fan of cosplay who want to share cosplay photos with other cosplayer, Although I added the name of the cosplay character and the cosplayer name inside the picture. Love the Cosplayer!! 

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