Ragnarok : Awesome Assassin Cross Play Costume by Chocho

Ragnarok : Awesome Assassin Cross Play Costume by Chocho 
well...i already post one of Ragnarok Cosplay before, and now I've just received permission to post another Ragnarok cosplay , AssassinCross, yes ... I said my favorite character in Ragnarok Online was the Assassin (actually Assassin/Ninja always be my favorite in all game Lol), and this is some cosplay photo by cute Indonesian girl Chocho.

Chocho is an Indonesian girl, precisely at Jogja, know her more here, in fact I rarely see the Indonesian people that fit with the character they played. probably because most of the Anime/manga characters came from Japan and they have a different posture and skin (not racist, that just opinion ^^). but ... this is cool cosplay photo, Chocho really fit as an Assassin Cross, and she looks cute with her black kitty hair band too. umm...I added the character name on her costume play photo, I hope she does't mind ^^". awesome cosplay! thank a lot for Chocho Beat

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