Kiddy Grade: Agent ID Cosplay Resource

Hi guys, someone messaged and asked where I got my GOTT ID Pass graphic. Adding that no matter how she searched, she just couldn’t find high resolution images of the Pass. And you know what? I totally believe her!. Because I too, couldn’t find any high resolution images of the damn pass at all! I had to manually trace the graphic myself using Photoshop and Flash.07 copy small


So, being the generous me *gets bashed* I decided to open these up for sharing. They are not totally accurate because I was running out of time and didn’t include the details but I guess they can be something you can work from.

Click on the 2 images below to download the high res.


Click on the individual picture to download

Some reference pictures of the pass to share too. Kiddy Grade’s a pretty old title and I’m doubtful if anyone will even need this but ah wells, just in case yeah?

eclair eclair2
I can’t remember which website it was that showed Eclair’s statistics but this is a screencap of that page and they had Lumiere’s information too.

kg kg2 kg3

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