K-On, Yui Hirasawa Awesome Cosplay by Kipi

K-On, Yui Hirasawa awesome Cosplay by Kipi.

Again, I post Kipi cosplay ... after I post Kipi on Meer cosplay from Gundam seed destiny, and now Kipi wearing cute costumes from Yui Hirasawa.

Like I said, kipi always fit with any costume, so too now ... she looks cute like Yui Harisawa ^ ^. I liked everything about this photo, I think it was quite perfect cosplay, but I think there is something not same. her guitar! I do not know much about guitars, but I think that used by Kipi not a "Gibson les paul" like that used by Yui Harisawa, was not o.o? ahhh ... whatever is important Kipi is very similar to Harisawa Yui ^^ ".

I found this picture after hunting to various sites, I think all this photograph not under copyright, so I post them all, actually, I found more than 20 photos, but this is the best I think ^ ^, so enjoy it and dont forget to leave your comment. 
go go Kipi go! \ (^ o^) / keep cosplayin!

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