Great Black Star Soul Eater Cosplay Photo

Black Star was born at the famous clan which like the war, but now he is the only remaining member of the clan. black star has a star tattoo on his shoulder. he's always been arrogant, and always challenging others to fight. he wants to prove he was the strongest, and would like recognized by others.

Great Black Star Soul Eater Cosplay Photo, This cosplay is very nice ^ ^, well this looks good probably because the effects of the photo, and hes poses is very convincing, I think that's where the point of this picture looks good, this imagehas long been available on the Internet ... I just feel pity if not post it on my blog ^ ^ ", I did not intend to recognize this picture as mypicture, I can not find who the cosplayer.

whoever he is ... thank you for his cosplay photo, which I think is very nice ^ ^, and I was waiting for his next photo. : 3

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