Four Greates One Piece Portgas D Ace Cosplay Photos

Four Greates One Piece Portgas D Ace Cosplay Photos.
Portgas D Ace is one of my favorite Anime character, I was really shocked when Ace dead in order to save Luffy, Ace has a cool tatto on her back (WhiteBeard.tatto).

I really wanted to played as Ace, the problem is .... I do not have a qualified body =.= "so forget it!. well, there are four Ace cosplay photo which I think is very fitting with Ace.

I found this cosplay photo from, this cosplay photo looks very cool with the wounds on the Ace body, I think this photo was taken at the time of the ace will be punished to death ^^.

And this one, I find from mugiwaranonakama.blogspot! no doubt, though this is a closeup photo, but he still looks fit as Porgas DAce, nice cosplay.

And this one, I think he was looking over tile house, so he can find Blackbeard. and then, there are reporters who asked for her photo, so she posed for a while lol ^ ^ ".

Well, this one, for some reason I choose it to be one of my favorite cosplay photo =.=", I guess I'll never see again Ace with Pink Bike other than in this photo :D. and it seems Ace need a little vacation (go to park with pink bike lol) before his execution,
That is the best aces cosplay photo. enjoy it, and dontforget to leave comment ^^.

Please note, most of these Cosplay photographs found on the internet, I post them without intending to claim as mine, cosplay photo is wholly owned by the cosplayer, I'm just a fan of cosplay who want to share cosplay photos with other cosplayer, Although I added the name of the cosplay character and the cosplayer inside the picture. Love the Cosplayer!!

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