Final Fantasy : Tifa Lockheart Cosplay by Mei Wei

Final Fantasy : Tifa Lockheart Cosplay by Mei Wei
Tifa Lockheart is one of my favorite characters in Final Fantasy VII, many cool cosplay of Tifa Lockheart Cosplay i found, and Tifa Lockheart Cosplay pictures from Maei Wei is one of the best I have ever found, Mei Wei create different Tifa ^ ^. (I do not know what I talking about lol)

I do not know whos Mei Wei before finding this picture, and I think Mei Wei no less than my favorite cosplayer Alodia Gosiengfiao ^^. and I hope after this i can find another her cool cosplay photo, she made a very beautiful Tifa Lockheart cosplay. Amazing cosplay!

Please note, most of these Cosplay photographs found on the internet, I post them without intending to claim as mine, cosplay photo is wholly owned by the cosplayer, I'm just a fan of cosplay who want to share cosplay photos with other cosplayer, Although I added the name of the cosplay character and the cosplayer inside the picture. Love the Cosplayer!!

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