Awesome Inuyasha Kikyo Cosplay : Arisa Mizuhara.

Inuyasha Kikyo Cosplay: Arisa Mizuhara.
Arisa Mizuhara, I'm always amazed at the sight of her cosplay. she always looks perfect with any costume (Maybe it's just my view ^ ^), when she became Hatsune Miku fromVocaloid II, he looks very cute, and now when she became Kikyo she still looks like her.

There are several Arisa Mizuhara cosplay photos while wearing a costume Kikyo. I hope you agree with my opinion: <. please give your comment about this cosplay photo. I plan to post other pictures of Arisa Mizuhara cosplay. I hope she does not mind i post her photo on my blog ^ ^ ". Awesome Cosplay!! i love it.\

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