Amazing Jigoku Shoujo Ai Enma Cosplay

Amazing Jigoku Shoujo Ai Enma Cosplay
Jegoku Shoujo could also mean the girl from hell, in Japan itself already releases in the live movie version, and Enma Ai (Main Character) played by Sayuri Iwata, and the anime is also quite popular in Canada and the United States, under license from Sentai Filmwork, and inproduction by Aniplex and Den Studio, the same studio who worked on theGet Backers anime .

Well, actually I do not know at all with the Jigoku Shoujo Anime, I just know this anime when viewing Amazing Photo of Jigoku Shoujo Ai Enma Cosplay, cosplay photo looks very similar to the original Enma Ai, by looking at this picture, we can feel the atmosphere inside the picture, even we can feel of Enma Ai feeling ^^. I know this photo is filled with photo effects, even at first I think this is a 3D image *lol*. this Amazing Jigoku Shoujo Ai Enma Cosplay absolutely amaze me >. <, graaattt work!!

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