Amazing Cosplay Agito Air Gear with Great Photo Effect

Amazing Cosplay Agito Air Gear with Great Photo Effect.
After a few days I keep posting cosplay girl, and finally now I can go back to post cosplay guy ^ ^. now I have two pictures cosplay of Agito/Akito from Air Gear Anime Series. so special about this photo which is added a very cool photo effect (slightly Animashaun ^^"), but this is really a very cool cosplay photo.

I found this photo on Devian Art by Akusesu, besides Agito cosplay, Akusesu also have several other photo cosplay (I dont think it needs to be discussed here ^ ^), which makes it interesting from this photo, is the effect of lighting and angle shot. and of course the expression cosplayer, it very describes a lonely Agito >. <.although I could have imagined Agito whiter than this, and also hes a Jepan.
ummm...I like the wig.too, that look cool (I do not know that a wig or not lol). Nice Cosplay!

And this one I found at a site that already deleted or have moved, I was not able to access the site, so I do not get any information about this cosplayer :<. well I liked this one, although I think his photo effect too excessive. but this photo is more similar to Agito in my imagination. its great cosplay ^ ^.

Please note, most of these photographs found on the internet, I post them without intending to claim as mine.
although I added the name of the character and the cosplayer in the picture. Love Cosplay!!

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