The Cosplayer Room Raid: Kanasaiii

*EDIT: My video editor screwed up so the ending footages got snipped off without me realising. Have added a new video to complete the whole thing. please watch!!! 

This project have finally come to light!!!!

Very long ago, someone told me to try raiding a Cosplayer room and assured me that would be damn interesting. And a few months later, I finally got my first victim volunteer; Kanasaiii.

Kanasaiii is definitely one of the most notable Singaporean Cosplayer. She has marveled more than a few with her overwhelming attention to details and dedication to accuracy. Not to mention she looks darn good too! If you are a Singapore Cosplayer, she is someone you should not miss out!

Video by: Kaika (

Original ending portion that got snipped off....

Very very much thanks to Kanasaiii for sharing her personal space with everyone and allowing me to poke my head around. I really appreciate it!

And I hope you guys appreciate it too! Leave me a comment and let me know you liked it! Because I worked hard editing this video @-@.

We actually filmed this in January (procrastination much=_=), but I was too lazy and busy to edit it until recently. And I guess it was just as well too, because this video is launch at just about the time Youtube allows me video longer than 15minutes!

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