Singapore Toys Games and Comics Convention 2010! (Day 2)

Hi guys!! The Singapore Toys Games and Comics Convention have officially ended last weekend. It was a schedule packed weekend with 2 major events clashing each other.

11-12Dec10_STGCC 001
Very pretty Loveless cosplay! Love the makeup!
Edit: Oh shit, how did I mixed them up?! They are cosplaying as Tokino and Konoe from Lamento. Thanks to Rika for telling!

As some of you might know, I was one of the Singapore representative for the Animax iPresent competition. So I didn’t really have the time and mood to do my own cosplays for Saturday.
Alright, I lied. I was just too lazy to cosplay (hey don’t judge me okay xD!) on Saturday. I didn’t even had time to enter the event hall so I don’t have much to say about the event. And because I have so little to say, I shall make up for it with better (photoshopped) photographs!

 11-12Dec10_STGCC 008
Sandplay of the Dragon team

11-12Dec10_STGCC 009
Kamen Rider?

 11-12Dec10_STGCC 019
Okay, someone enlighten me. They had pokemon balls o.o

Edit: According to Sarah they are Pokemon Fisherman!

 11-12Dec10_STGCC 020
 11-12Dec10_STGCC 022
Gundam 00!

 11-12Dec10_STGCC 023
Hoshi and Xrystal as “Love is War” Kagamine Rin & Len.

11-12Dec10_STGCC 027 11-12Dec10_STGCC 029
With Yuanie and Sakurazaki who were both in the Vocaloid group!
Censored my face away because I was giving a crazy wry smile. Don’t wanna scar nobody with that pic o.o

11-12Dec10_STGCC 032
11-12Dec10_STGCC 033
Valerie as Kaito, hoshi as Rin, Noshuu and Meiko and yuanie as…….one of the new Vocaloid babe! ENLIGHTEN ME SOMEONE! I’m too lazy to google even @_@

Edit: Yuanie was cosplaying as Miki ^^;

 11-12Dec10_STGCC 036
Xrystal as Len
11-12Dec10_STGCC 040
The full team!
Sakana as miku, Aya as Megu, Sera as Gakupod…….the rest you guys should know :D

Edit: People are commenting the more specific title is "Love is War: Eager Love Revenge group" ?
11-12Dec10_STGCC 041
11-12Dec10_STGCC 042
11-12Dec10_STGCC 043
11-12Dec10_STGCC 049
with my AFARCC partner and most annoying cosplayer partner ever; Zephyus. Big ass camwhore pic because she bribed me with $100!

 11-12Dec10_STGCC 052 11-12Dec10_STGCC 053
with my lovely darling, Ototsuki/Inuran !

11-12Dec10_STGCC 054
big ass photo of Raistlin and his pretteh boobies :D

11-12Dec10_STGCC 055
Raistline cosplaying as Sanosuke Harada from Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan

 11-12Dec10_STGCC 056
Aya cosplaying as Megpoid, Love is War version!

 11-12Dec10_STGCC 064
Lennethxvii as the Red Queen
  11-12Dec10_STGCC 068 copy
Banditying as the Cheshire cat! Steampunk version!

11-12Dec10_STGCC 069
Cvy as the White rabbit

11-12Dec10_STGCC 072
Peilin as the adorable Alice!

 11-12Dec10_STGCC 073
Jesuke and Ash as the twins! Tweedledee and Tweedledum

 11-12Dec10_STGCC 074
Verse-Reiyu as the Caterpillar (?), Xioaobai as the hare and……. someone enlighten me again T_T
Edit: Tsuyin as the Doormouse! Thanks to min for pointing out!

11-12Dec10_STGCC 076
11-12Dec10_STGCC 085
11-12Dec10_STGCC 094
 11-12Dec10_STGCC 109
11-12Dec10_STGCC 101
“Off with the head!”
Awesome rifle prop by jorlene!
And what do you mean it’s not fair the Alice-in-Wonderland steampunk team has nicer pictures?! I have no idea where you got that impression from!
11-12Dec10_STGCC 08111-12Dec10_STGCC 067
I forgot who Ko (pretty girl who looks like an asian courtesan) was cosplaying as T_T

Edit: Ko was cosplaying as the Duchess! 

11-12Dec10_STGCC 082 11-12Dec10_STGCC 083
and I am forever amazed by how different I look in different pictures=_=

  11-12Dec10_STGCC 088 11-12Dec10_STGCC 100
11-12Dec10_STGCC 089

  11-12Dec10_STGCC 095
 11-12Dec10_STGCC 097
Firefox! i wonder if it was the same guy from SOYB….
 11-12Dec10_STGCC 099
 11-12Dec10_STGCC 114
11-12Dec10_STGCC 115 11-12Dec10_STGCC 118

Alright, ending my Photo pimps from Saturday here! Sunday’s event and iPresent competition report to come soon I hope! And oh yes, lovely giveaways!

Not satisfied with the photographs here? Check out the links below for more cosplay photo showcase =)

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